Following a presentation for parents and students on North Brunswick's PSLP, parents had some positive feedback:

Good morning Mr Schwartz. I found the lab very interesting and the fact that they will follow this all the way through the high school was even more interesting. I know the kids were a little silly at first but I think as they move along it will become more and more interesting to them. I can't tell you how happy I am that they are starting to lean towards practical life and education meaning that you may want to be a teacher but when you to discover what classes and majors you need they may not be exactly what you thought it would be. Better to find out now then when your in your college years. Also thought you and Mr J presented the material in a fun yet informative way. Thanks for asking. Have a great day

Hi Mr. Schwartz, I think this new plan sounds wonderful, and I enjoyed the presentation very much! The kids all seemed to like it as well. I know that Haley enjoyed researching a career in photography, which is something she's very interested in. I think this plan will give the students a "headstart" in deciding on what kinds of career opportunities they'd like to pursue in the future. The presentation was excellent.